Myeongdong had been on my bucket list for years, because I love Korean makeup and skincare. This is heaven for every beauty lover! There are so many things you can do here, like shopping and food trip. It’s truly an incredible place!

Myeongdong is definitely my favorite place in the world!

It’s a very lively place even at night.

Cute Souvenirs!

Hello Kitty Cafe in Myeongdong!

It’s really a nice place to shop around for Kbeauty products!

 In today’s post, I’m going to be sharing with you guys some items that I bought while in Korea. Most of the things that I got are makeup items and hair treatments because I have too much skincare products at the moment. I have learned recently that I should take care of my hair, the way I take care of my skin. I’m really looking for hair treatments to revitalize my hair.

Too Cool For School

I’ve been wanting to try out the contour powder from Too Cool For School Artclass by Rodin because I hear that it’s really suitable for Asian skin tone. This is the first shop that I visited in Myeondong. I got this Artclass Contouring Book set that came with mini sized shading, highlighter, and blush which is perfect for trial and travel. One of my favorite things that I bought!  

The contouring powder looks really natural on the skin. I highly recommend the Artclass by Rodin Highlighter, and I do want to buy a full size of this because it makes my skin glow and looks so natural. It’s one of the best highlighters that I tried! I have not used the blush yet but can’t wait to try it!


Good thing that I forgot to bring my eye makeup remover, so I bought this one while in Korea. This is the best makeup remover for eye & lip I’ve ever used. This is an holy grail product for me. It smells really nice and super gentle on the eyes and lips!

I still haven’t tried this one either! It looks amazing!

I’ve been wanting to try this CC Long Lasting Cushion that everyone raves.


I haven’t used it yet but I have heard great things about it!

Holika Holika

Red Velvet Palette
These eyeshadows are super pretty especially the matte one! They are so blend-able, smooth, and pigmented. I love this eyeshadow quad because you can create so many looks for daytime and evening!

Etude House

Curl Fix Mascara
This Curl fix mascara have been recommended in many Youtube videos. I really wanted to try this mascara but it’s expensive here in the Philippines. This is the first item in my list that I need to buy in Korea. I have not tried this yet because I still have my Heroine Make Long and Curl Mascara. I’m so excited to try this one!

Super Slim Proof Pencil Liner
I love how it defined my eyes, and I love the brown color. This is a super slim pencil liner that is very easy to use and blend.

Etude House Single Eyeshadows
I hear that this Etude House Eyeshadows are the best, so I wanted to pick some to try! I kinda went crazy because it was on sale when I went to their store. I love these eye shadow shades. They are super pigmented, creamy, and long lasting I’m so happy being able to choose 12 colors to make my own palette.

Etude house Tear Eye Liner #03
I tried this one and I super do like it! It looks really cute on the eyes and very shimmery! It’s really cheap!

Etude House Empty Eye shadow Palette
I love it because I can keep my color sections organized.

My Beauty Tool Lovely Etti Showerbal
I love cats so I could not resist not buying this! I can’t wait to try this one out! Its really cute!

I really need a new pair of tweezers, so I decided to get this one because it’s pink, high quality, and affortable!

Silk Scarf Double Care Hair Mask
I highly recommend this Silk Scarf Double Care Hair Mask! It leaves my hair moisturized and soft! This is so great for damaged and color-treated hair.

Silk Scarf Hair Moistpack
This Etude House Silk Scarf Hair Moistpack is amazing. It really hydrates and smooths my hair! I really like the packaging of this. I got this in 1+1 promo. This is also so cheap!


Oil Mist and Hair Pack

I bought two products from Nature Republic. It’s my first time to try their products! So far, I’m really impressed. The Argan Hair Pack and Oil Mist are really moisturizing and smells amazing. It leaves my hair smooth and shiny. They are so cheap and it really works.


7 Days Coloring Hair Treatment
This is also a product that I really wanted to try for a long time but I never actually bought it until I was in Korea. I have used these already. The Gold Yellow and Smoke Blue didn’t show up on my hair at all. But I really love the Cherry Red and Pink Brown because it shows really well on my hair. Please take note that my hair is not bleached.


I really love the PeriPera Airy Ink Velvet Tints line! It’s the best lip tints I’ve ever used, so much pigmentation, very moisturizing, and super light weight. I decided to try the other lines, Ink Original, Peri’s Ink Velvet, and Cloud Ink Velvet. I have used these and really do love it. It’s really cute!


I bought a few products from Olive Young. I really want to buy more from them because we don’t have here in the Philippines. I picked up a lot of cotton pads around 6 boxes because it’s so cheap in Korea and the quality is really really good! I also got hair rollers for bangs.

I can’t wait to try this Heating Eyelash Curler!

I have used this when I was in Thailand and it’s really effective. They just seem to flatten and reduce the size of my pimples overnight. It works really well on my pimples. I really love this! This is also so cheap in Korea.

Waist Warm Packs, I’ve never tried something like this but these are products that I really wanted to try! I suffer from dysmenorrhea or menstrual cramps and every month I take pain relievers. If there is a way that I will not drink pain relievers orally I would really love it. I can’t wait to try these! I’m really hoping it will really works, and I will keep you updated.

Anyway, that’s it for my Korean Beauty Haul from Myeongdong! I hope you guys liked this haul. Please don’t forget to subscribe to my BLOG.


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