Today, let me share with you about the newly launched of Benton, it’s called Dear My Best Friend Bar.

Benton makes high quality products that are wonderful to use and the company is great as well. I am a big fan of their brand! One of my favorites is the Benton Papaya-D SPF38 Sunscreen (reviewed here) and it’s my HOLY GRAIL Sunscreen!

So when Benton contacted me that I was one of the lucky few to test this bar soap, I feel so happy! I love reviewing great products because it’s really inspired me to write. When I opened the package I could tell right away this was a high quality soap. It was packaged so beautifully!

I have been using this soap for about 4 weeks now, I think, it’s enough time to know, understand the product, and how well it works for my skin. This product was sent to me by Benton for review purposes, but is 100% my own opinion.

According to the BRAND,

Benton’s Dear My Best Friend Bar is a natural soap for both body and face. We wished to present a rest to your precious body and face that keep you safe, and hence named the soap ‘Dear My Best Friend Bar’. Dear My Best Friend Bar (aka BF Bar) is Benton’s first naturally-derived soap made with vegetable oil base and various botanical ingredients, which enable moisturizing cleansing.


Not only is this soap pretty, but also it contains some really good ingredients like Honey, Tea Tree, Papain, and Shea Butter.

This one also uses essentials oils and botanical extracts.

The BF Bar is nature friendly. As you can read in the above list, all ingredients are completely natural. It’s free from any harsh chemicals. The brand is also cruelty-free and paraben free.

Active and Notable Ingredients:
Coconut Oil — Moisturizes and protects the skin.
Cacao Seed Powder & Oatmeal — Helps to manage sebum and dead skin cells.
Calamine — Famous for skin soothing properties.
Chamaecyparis Obtusa Oil — Relieves skin stress and is excellent at skin improvement and soothing with antioxidant effect. Along with Lavender oil, it leaves skin comfortable and soothed.


The packaging and presentation is so pretty which gives a luxurious feel to the soap. It’s really pleasing to look at.

The soap is a standard-size bar.

The bar also comes with a foaming net to help create a rich later and make sure the soap will last longer.


You can use it on your body and face as well. This makes it perfect to use as an everyday soap.

To make sure this soap will last more than a month. When not in use, store it in a container where water can drain away from it. The foaming net that comes with this bar makes it perfect to use and it’s really handy that you can hang it anywhere. Check the pictures below.

How it smells

It doesn’t have any scent in it, which my sensitive skin appreciates. Most of the time I use unscented products. I’m not really into scents because sometimes it causes my allergies to flare up.

My Skin

Here’s a little details about my skin. I don’t have any major skin breakouts but my skin is prone to redness due to extreme cold or heat.

I have been testing this bar soap after returning home from Seoul. My skin became really dry due to traveling and changes in climates. To really test how moisturizing this soap is, I didn’t use any body lotion on my hand and legs. I definitely found that the soap is very moisturizing.

I totally saw a difference with my body acne, dry patches and skin redness. The redness subsided after a few days and almost completely disappeared in a week while using this soap. It’s really good in exfoliating my dead skin cells which helps to reveal smooth and brighter skin underneath. It leaves my skin feeling moisturized.

The Dear My Best Friend Bar Experience

The BF Bar worked really nicely for me. This is probably one of the most gentle and soothing soaps that I have ever used. Using this bar was like giving my body a luxurious spa treatment.

It lathers nicely and rinses super clean without any residue. I don’t normally use soap on my face but I made an exception to try this. It felt really gentle and soothing on the skin while removing excess sebum and dirt. It also removed my makeup perfectly. This soap did an amazing job in exfoliating my skin. It has tiny grains in it that buffs away dead skin cells but it’s very gentle enough to use everyday.

This soap cleanses without stripping skin of its moisture. My skin feels really soft and smooth afterwards. I love how hydrating this soap is and the moisture lasts an entire day.

Who is it Best For?

It is meant to be for everyone; children and adults. A great soap for the whole family. This soap is very gentle and infused with natural ingredients like coconut oil, oatmeal, calamine, and essentials oils, nourish and soothe the skin. Both you and your kids delicate skin will be cleansed and moisturized by this soap. The BF Bar isn’t a tear-free formula so be extra careful around kid’s eyes.

The soap contains no fragrance at all, making it suitable for people with allergies. It’s also good for people who have dry skin like me. I would definitely recommend this BF Bar for people with acne-prone skin. Anyone that has super sensitive skin should try this. But even if you do not have any skin problem I highly recommend this soap, it’s really nice to use. It’s perfect to use after a tiring day.

Final Thoughts

I am very impressed by the quality and luxury of this bar soap. It’s gentle enough even for my sensitive skin. It really gets deep in the pores and clean very well without stripping the skins natural oils. It really provides long lasting hydration. I really love how soft and smooth my skin feels after cleansing with this. Plus, the bar soap doesn’t melt easily. I would definitely repurchase whenever I finish this bar!

I look forward to trying more from this brand, because I fell in love with everything I tried.

Where to Buy it?

The retail price for the Dear Best Friend Bar is $15. However, Benton website has special launch promotion, you can now get it at a 30% off around $10.50 Buy it now before the promotion ends! You can also find it at StyleKorean.com

The price for Dear My Best Friend Bar is $15 for 100 grams, which may seem a bit pricey but considering the quality of the ingredients used and the effectiveness of the soap, the price is worth the buy.

What soap are you loving lately?


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