Etude House is one of those trendy korean roadshop brands whose pricing is always on the budget. The brand always innovates and delivers high quality products. You guys know I love Etude House so much!

Today I wanted to feature nine beauty products that are my everyday favorites from Etude House.

[Etude House] Face Blur

I reach for this primer most days. This product is very hydrating and brightening. It goes on so smoothly and minimizes pores for a flawless look. This is perfect for times when I lack of sleep. It makes foundation application easy, but most of the time I don’t even use it with a foundation. My skin looks amazing even with just the primer alone. I just need a very small amount, about the size of a small pea, for my entire face.

[Etude House] Drawing Eye Brow #03 (Brown)

This brow pencil is my go to. It’s so easy for a beginner to use. I start by brushing my eyebrows upwards with the built-in brush and then simply use the pencil to fill in my brows using light, hair-like strokes. It creates a very natural full looking eyebrows! It’s probably one the cheapest things you can get in Etude House. It costs less than three dollars. I have bought this product a few times.

[Etude house] Look At My Eyes

I wanted to make custom eyeshadow palette with Etude House, so I purchased 12 eye shadow singles. I’m so impressed with their eyeshadows! They are so pretty and wear like a dream. They are so blend-able, smooth, and pigmented. I highly recommend using an eye primer underneath.

My 3 favorite shades are RD301, OR207 Sweet Dried Persimmons, and PK013 Strawberry Mochi. I love these empty eyeshadow palettes because I can keep my color sections organized. It’s compact and perfect for travelling. You can make you own customized palette perfect for you!

[Etude House] Bling Bling Eye Stick #10 (Little Bear Star)

 This shadow stick is very easy to use and super long-lasting. I love how this product never creases and how easily it glides onto your eyelids. I have several colors, but Little Bear Star is my favorite. Perfect for enhancing your daily makeup and works great for almost any look! BEST for on the go and travel ready! Plus, this is so affortable!

[Etude House] Lash Perm Curl Fix Mascara (Black)

This is the first and only Korean mascara I’ve ever used, so I can’t compare it with the others. It has a nice brush that pumps up my lashes without a clump. It gives good curl and length. The formula doesn’t smudge on my oily lids and it’s lightweight. I recommend it to girls who prefer natural-looking lashes.

[Etude House] Any Cushion Cream Filter SPF50/PA++

If you do need just a little coverage, this Cushion is great. The finish is very sheer and a little bit dewy! It gently evens out skin and looks very natural. The formula feels creamy and light on the skin. I love that it includes sunscreen. I’ve been wearing SAND, the darkest shade in the line. In the MAC, I’m NC25.

[Etude House] Play 101 pencil #08 (Matte)

This is the perfect beige eyeliner I’ve been looking for. I love that it’s at a price point that works for every budget. This is a great eyeliner to instantly brighten your eyes. I love using it when I have a sleepless night. I use it on my lower waterline and it’s super creamy and easy to apply. You will appear more awake! It’s really a gorgeous color to wear in your waterline!

[Etude house] Tear Eye Liner #03

This is very cute on eye bags! The tear eye liner is so subtle. The formula is really lightweight and gentle on the eyes. This is also very unique, I have never seen anything like this from other brands. I really love the under-eye sparkles, it looks so youthful!

I hope you enjoyed this quick review of nine Etude House beauty products! Like I said, these are some of my favorites but there are so many other great items from Etude House that you should check out. Etude House items can be so cheap, but it’s also really high quality and totally worth it!

Have you tried anything from Etude House? Which of these products would you love to try? Let me know in the comments below!

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