Haneul Park in Seoul

I went to Seoul in Autumn. I heard that one of the most visited spots in Seoul during Autumn would probably be the Haneul Park. Everything is just so beautiful!

How to get there: Hanuel park can be reached by public transportation, just follow google maps.

The Haneul Park is located at the top of the hill. You may trek or ride with a shuttle.

The shimmering golden background was really beautiful!

The main attraction during the Autumn season are the huge Eulalia grass aka silver grass

The Silver Grass are absolutely breathtaking!

Sunset at Haneul Park

If you have more time I suggest you visit this also, it’s just across the street of Haneul Park.

Brilliant red fall foliage

This is so cute! I love cats!

   Before Hanuel Park, I went to Maebongsan Forest to hike a little which was just across the Haneul

 Took me about 20-30 minutes back and forth. The view is totally worth the hike!

I had such an incredible time in Korea and I can’t wait to go back. It’s really my happy place!



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