There are some skincare products that I instantly love, and ByWishtrend Teca 1% Barrier Cream is one of them. I’ve been using it for more than one month, so I’ve got some experiences with this post acne treatment product, and I’m so glad with the results I’ve been seeing!

 Teca 1% Barrier Cream is definitely my new favorite product for spot treatment to my pimples.

I have a fairly good skin but once in a while I have occasional hormonal breakouts, or if I forget to remove my makeup before going to bed. When I received the Teca 1% Barrier, I had some pimples that I wanted to go away real quick!

According to the BRAND, “All you need is By Wishtrend TECA 1% Barrier Cream to shorten the time of recovery after popping a pimple. It’s an excellent post acne care to calm & soothe skin rapidly while strengthen the skin’s barrier.”

Teca TECA 1% Barrier Cream is the most gentle and fastest post acne treatment I have tried. It prevents irritation from popping a pimple, while it heals the pimple quickly.  It has a really good anti-inflammatory effect. But I do think that it also prevents acne scars and marks.

The main ingredient is Centella asiatica extract which has been known for skin calming, strengthens the skin barrier, healing skin lesion faster, and prevents scarring in healing wounds. It also contains allantoin to improve dry and rough skin, soothes irritated skin, and moisturizes the skin.

The formula of this cream, is very light and gel texture. It absorbs almost instantly and leaving behind no residue, so I had no problems applying makeup over it.

It can be used as a spot treatment on the affected area, or all over the face at the last step of skincare routine. I tend to use it twice a day, but you can use it once a day if you prefer. Apply as often as needed, this is very gentle. As soon as you apply you can feel that it’s really soothing and calming to the skin.

One thing I absolutely love about the Teca 1% Barrier cream is that it does not dry out my pimples and skin. It’s also very moisturizing, which is unusual for an acne treatment product.

Say Goodbye to acne marks and Hello to smoother, clearer skin!

Within just a single day of use I noted some remarkable difference, it soothes, calm the redness and inflammation, and reduces size of pimples. You have to be a little patient with it, because you can see visible results within 3-5 days. My skin seems to respond really well to TECA 1% BARRIER CREAM when there’s a breakout.

 I am very impressed by the fact that ByWishtrend formulated it to be very gentle and moisturizing while treating pimples.  This is now my go-to spot treatment whenever I have a breakout.  If you suffer from acne problem, I definitely suggest giving this product a try. Definitely worth checking out!


Bywishtrend TECA 1% Barrier Cream contains 30ml and is priced at $27.50 – For the price, you will get what you pay for.  It’s really worth it!

Bywishtrend products are available online at Wishtrend Website. You can use my promo code 1320255210 for $5 off with your first order.

Lastly, I wish all of you a very Happy New Year, and thank you so much for reading!


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