Top 10 Christmas Wish List and Favorites from Althea

Makeup and skincare are two things I love to treat myself with during holiday season. And, though this is an Althea Christmas wish list, I couldn’t help but include my favorites that I want to repurchase and hoard. While I love sticking to my trusted products, I’m always looking for new releases of makeup and skincare products from time to time  because I’m a beauty junkie.

In case you didn’t know, Althea is my favorite Korean beauty website. I love this because it has an amazing selection of Korean Beauty products and brands to choose from. If you’re looking to get your hands on a specific Korean product, you can get it here. Althea ships internationally and you can also avail their free worldwide shipping if you buy Php999 worth of products on a single purchase. It’s really convenient!

Check out my Althea wish list products below, and shop them by clicking the link.


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The first thing on my list is Aqua Bomb Moisturizer by Belif. I have also had a chance to try it as a tester at Belif Malaysia store and it seemed amazing! The gel-like formula is really lightweight and does not feel sticky at all. It leaves skin feeling refreshed, and works perfectly in a hot and humid weather. I have been wanting to buy it but didn’t, because I did not bring extra cash during my trip in Malaysia.


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This Laneige Water Sleeping Mask is an overnight, moisture-recharging gel mask that quickly absorbs while you sleep to deeply hydrate the skin. I’m always seeing this everywhere and have heard such amazing reviews on this product. I have been wanting to try this for so long, but didn’t, because I’m still finishing the remainder of my sleeping mask. Now, that my sleeping mask is soon to run out, I am trying this one.


image from Althea

Hera recently came out with this new Holiday Black Cushion, and the reviews on it are pretty good. I want to try HERA product for so long but did not due to a lack of funds and a high price. I still can’t think of anything I would love more in my makeup kit than a new cushion foundation. I’m really a cushion type of girl. 


image from Althea

For Christmas, I would love 3 bottles of this mask. I love love this Nature Republic Argan Hair Mask and I have repurchased this five times already. I’ve been coloring my hair for about 3 years now, so it’s extremely damaged and the ends of my hair were brittle and this mask did the wonder for my hair by making it softer and healthier. It also smells so good!  I’m using this as a conditioner 2-3x per week after I shampoo. This is so amazing and it’s really affordable for a hair mask product. It’s ony Php300!


image from Althea

I hoard this Medi Heally Waist Warm Packs so I’ll never run out, because it helps to ease my pain from menstrual cramps every month. I have gone through like 20 packs of this and it really works, which is why I really love it. If you are looking for a way not to drink pain relievers orally, for sure, you would  love this! If you are living in the Philippines, you can only order at Althea.


image from Althea

I’ve been loving this Neogen Pad, and mine has already ran out, so I want a new one and its on my wish list. I really love to EXFOLIATE at least twice a week for smooth skin. It’s essential to keep your skin glowing always. When it comes to skincare, I really do like to invest in my skincare. This is a little bit pricey but let me tell you, it’s really worth the money! I highly highly recommend!


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I am very very picky with my Powder. And I love to use Althea Petal Velvet Powder because it’s lightweight on the skin. It does exactly what I want a powder to do; sets my makeup, absorbs oil, and something that just looks like bare skin. It has a velvet matte finish without looking cakey or powdery on my face. This powder makes my skin more beautiful and it’s only Php 210. Definitely recommend it, for the price it has it is SO worth it.


image from Althea

For 2018, I’m loving this Peripera Peri’s Ink Velvet Lip Tint in the shade Celeb Deep Rose. This is already being highly raved about by beauty bloggers in the beauty world. I really love this lip tint, mostly for its consistency and color. The formula takes forever to fade. It’s perfect for that gradient lip, but still looks gorgeous when you coat your entire lips with it. The shade Celeb Deep Rose is so sophisticated, gorgeous and complement every woman of every skin tone. Great for everyday wear! 


image from Althea

I also need a back up of Banila Co Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm. I use it every night to take off makeup before I wash my face. I will put some of this onto my hand and massage it into my face and it melts away all of my makeup. It removes even the most powerful makeup so easily, it’s my favorite! 


image from Althea

This list would not have been complete without my favorite Innisfree Orchid Eye Cream. I always get this eye cream every year because it tightens the skin around the eyes and keeps that delicate part hydrated. A little goes a long way with this product. I still haven’t found an eye cream that can replace this one. This is the best eye cream that I have tried. Once the Innisfree Eye cream runs out, I have to get a new one!

So this is a little preview of my favorites and wish list from Althea. I hope you guys liked this post. Please don’t forget to subscribe to my BLOG.


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